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Meet Carla


With almost three decades as a movement teacher, creator and facilitator, and 20 years building businesses as an entrepreneur I’ve woven a unique path one step at a time. 


My story starts with humble beginnings as a dance instructor in my local town that lead me to become a professional dancer, teacher & choreographer travelling the seas with Celebrity Cruise Lines, teaching under Cirque Du Soleil & Reebok, making appearances in Film/Television, touring with recording artists, all while producing and creating my first series of live entertainment & cabaret shows. 


These very show’s are what ignited my entrepreneurial spirit and gave me the idea to create and hold a safe space for women to become more confident in their bodies and with themselves through dance, performance & affirmations. In 2010 I created the world’s first ever Heels Dance Syllabus and licensed it across North America by the name of Army Of Sass. In ten years, Army of Sass grew to over 40 locations across Canada and the US, home to thousands of members and a loyal following which helped sprout it into a collective 8 figure business. 


Evolution has always been held in my core truth and in 2020, when the world shifted, I knew it was time to release this body of work to explore new modalities and opportunities in alignment with my new level of consciousness. It was time to go deeper, and peel back the layers.


That brings us to today… 


Led by curiosity and my own personal path of healing I’m passionate about empowering people to regulate their Nervous System through Movement, Music & Mindset. As  a certified executive & life coach, DJ, and a lifelong dance & functional movement teacher my passion is to help people regulate their Nervous System. 


I’ve worked and trained closely with both the late and great Dr. Bobby Klein for the two years before his passing and have studied with Jessica Maguire, of the Vagus Nerve Master Class. In constant evolution, I’m leaning into this wisdom, so that we can all collectively, grow and become the truest version of ourselves. 


Currently I am living in Toronto, Canada with my family, facilitating The Back to Baseline Experience at my intimate home studio, as well as facilitating my new offering in a larger community setting both through group classes and corporate workshops. 


This is only the beginning.

Instead of paddling up the river, I’m just flowing with it instead

Carla Catherwood

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